Do you feel like you're just "surviving" in your relationships with the opposite sex - whether they're romantic, family, or professional?

No matter what you try to do, does it seem like nothing works the way you thought it should?

Maybe you've experienced a time (or two!) when...

  • The other gender confused or frustrated you?
  • You reacted or acted out in ways that didn't help your relationships?
  • No matter how many times you tried to connect, you couldn't get on the same page?
  • Your motives were misunderstood?

A healthy partnership with the opposite sex is possible!

Yes!  The relationship you want is within reach...

Imagine being able to...

  • Be freed up from old perceptions - so that you were able to create a future you want
  • Learn the nature of the other gender, which would enhance your ability to win in life
  • Embrace differences and have more peace, partnership and fun with each other

If you're ready to join other men and women who are ready to move from surviving to thriving in all their relationships with each other…

…men and women who want to tap into the power that’s available when they really let each other in...

...then please join us for:

A one-day experiential workshop for single or partnered men and women who want more - from each other, and from life.

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Karen provides an enlightening perspective on the differences between men and women. She clearly has vast experience in this field, brings it with great humor, and has an amazing ability to engage the participants in a way that has everyone relax and open up to new possibilities.

When I attended Karen’s workshop in Las Vegas, I was considering entering into a new relationship after my 28-year marriage had ended. What I got was that I was approaching it all from a fear-based context. She gave me some concrete tools to use, and a sense that I could move forward with trust that things could work out well for me.”

David Horobin | CA

Presented by Karen Jones, Founder of

KJ-jon-11mbFrom the Cave to the Condo is presented by Karen Jones, 19-year relationship coach, author of “Men Are Great: How to Build a Relationship that Brings out the Best in Both of You” and founder of The Heart Matters, a relationship coaching and training company.  For more about Karen, go to:, or watch some of Karen’s short, educational (and fun!)  videos at

Karen’s passion is to help men and women have scrumptious relationships. She stands for appreciation, respect, understanding…and all with great humor.

Since 1997, when she founded The Heart Matters, Karen has helped thousands of women and men who want to experience success in their relationships.

From the Cave to the Condo is a one-day experience designed to help you improve ALL of the relationships you care about

If you want more than you currently have in all your relationships with the other gender, whether romantic, family/friends, or work, then you'll want to be there.

This day has been crafted to help you:

  • Demystify the other gender
  • Get effective tools for succeeding in all your relationships: at home, at work, in your community, and in your love life
  • Have you feel understood, respected, and appreciated by the other sex
  • Shift unhelpful expectations to ones that support a future aligned with what you want

After attending the workshop, I became more aware of how to partner with men rather than compete with or defy them.

This significantly improved my relationship with my brother and with my boss. What Karen teaches regarding relationships is insightful, doable and powerful.

Tania | MA

Imagine More Ease, More Peace and More FUN in Your Relationships

If you are ready to...

  • Create better relationships and partnerships
  • Discover new possibilities and leave behind perceptions that don’t really work
  • Be in charge of your experience
  • Be committed to being part of the solution

Then make sure you join us on [next date TBA]

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Once you register, you will receive all the details you need about the day, as well as what you need in order to have the most powerful results from your experience.